Become a part of a community that are all trying to achieve the same outcome.  Become fitter and healthier for life!!

Our group classes are creative, effective, functional, motivating, challenging and make exercise lots of fun!  

Numbers are capped to ensure you have the highest quality workout possible. 

Try our classes for a week FREE OF CHARGE! Contact us today to start your free trial. 

Effective as of 4th January 2017

Effective as of 4th January 2017


All prices are on a weekly direct debit for unlimited classes during the week. 

6month commitment  -  $28.80

Week by week  -  $36.80



H.I.I.T  -  High intensity interval training. Strap your boots on and get ready to work hard! 

Knockout  -  Get that inner beast out and have some fun while punching.  

Red Zone, Frantic Friday and Back to Basics

  -  All are a full 30min session with everything from body weight exercises, weights, kettle bells and more.

Garage, Healthy Hump Day, Bootcamp and Total Body Conditioning

  -  These classes are designed to hit the whole body and you will never do the same thing twice!