Trevor Bruger   -   2016

I have been training with Dan since May 2014. While the start was a little rocky with commitments that took me overseas twice and interstate regularly he was always encouraging me to train and eat well even when I wasn’t able to attend sessions.

When I returned from my first overseas trip I was 99.7 kg’s - the heaviest I had ever been (and delighted to say have ever been).           I have only ever trained at the most twice a week with Dan and have since lost over 10kgs and kept it off. While ultimately I am responsible for my success and failures, however I could not have done this without Dan. 

His style of training, healthy eating and realistic goals ring true. However as we have all heard consistency is key! 18 months ago I relocated to the Gold Coast, I no longer attend group classes, but I do travel twice a week to train with Dan in PT classes and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I couldn’t imagine a better mentor, coach and friend. I am pleased to see Dan’s dreams become a reality and I encourage you all to tell just one person how Dan has changed your lives and spread the successes we have each achieved.

Steph Lindores  -   2015

6 months ago I decided things had to change. I am turning 40 in April and wanted to be fit and fab, not FAT and 40!! Dan offered me 3 free PT sessions and I started the 5:2 eating plan. Dan and I started training twice a week and at first I thought he was trying to kill me!

He is a tough trainer but worked to my level and increased the intensity as I got fitter. Dan uses different combinations of resistant, cardio, interval and boxing to work all areas and I am so happy with the results. I have lost 15kgs and feel fantastic! On track to looking fab for my 40th in Spain now. Thanks Dan, without you I wouldn't have been able to have the motivation to come to the gym, let alone come twice.  




Romila Prasad -    2015

Daniel helped me lose 14kg over 7 months. How? He listened, challenged and encouraged me, and taught me how to exercise to get maximum result.  

Dan's approach has been refreshing. He subtley pushs the barriers to get results. Personally, a genuinely nice person who takes an interest in the clients needs.  Thanks Dan.

Georgina Wilson   -   2015

I have been training with Dan since December 2013 and whilst I was initially hesitate about having a male trainer after a couple of sessions I felt comfortable and knew I was onto a winner! 

Dan has helped me with my initial goal of weight loss which is now over 20kgs and more recently is helping me to tone and shape my body so I can compete in my first bikini competition in May this year, 2015. 

Dan trains hard, staying goal focused but can also have a laugh. He pushes me to work harder, even when I say I can't, and each session is a new challenge for me to achieve my fitness goals. 

Since keeping with a structured program I have greatly reduced my anxiety levels that were extremely elevated after having my 2nd child and my clothes have gone from size 14 to 8. 

Laura Casey    -   2014

I really can’t thank Dan enough for all his motivation and knowledge that he has passed onto me.  From being with Coops Fitness for the past 2 years, I have the most energy I ever have had.  Along with that, I don’t nearly get as stressed.  As much pain as he puts me through, it really is the best part of my day.  The feeling after one of his workouts is unreal. 

Most of all, I love how no workout is the same and I will get my whole body worked in the week.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!